States with Most Sightings of Bigfoot

August 2023 Update: Ohio has had its first bigfoot sighting in 2023 in January in Warren County. A motorist claims to have seen a large black hairy figure standing on the bike path in 3 inches of snow. It came from the woods and was heading to the river. Three additional witnesses were in the car at the time. In April, distinct woodknocks were heard on the Buckeye Trail. Was it Bigfoot? The infamous Bigfoot Festival took place in Logan, Ohio on August 4-5. Its estimated 44,000 people turned out to hear presenters tell their stories of meeting Bigfoot.  We're certain its just a matter of time until Bigfoot and betting will intertwine!

Since the beginning of 2022, there have been 20 states that have received reports of a Bigfoot sighting. While most U.S. sightings of this ape-like creature have occurred in the Pacific Northwest, all 50 states have received sightings – including Ohio.

So where are you most likely to claim a Bigfoot sighting? What are the odds? Although you won't ever be able to use an ESPN BET Ohio promo code for any Bigfoot-related bets, this certainly makes a great conversation starter. Our team took to hunting down the latest stats. 

You can be sure we'll discuss our findings with friends and fellow Ohio betting app enthusiasts.

The state with the most Bigfoot sightings is Washington (with 707) – perhaps Bigfoot is a holdover from the Seattle grunge scene? 

Next up is California (458), because you’re likely to see anything in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Florida comes in third (337), as Florida Man is genetically similar to Bigfoot.

Then comes . . . Ohio (318). 

Ohio? Where would one see Bigfoot in Ohio except when Michigan comes to play in Columbus? At a rest stop on I-80?

Why The Buckeye State?

Actually, according to Ohio’s Country Journal, Ohio’s Bigfoot, known as The Grassman, is most likely to be spotted in the Appalachian foothills of Eastern Ohio. 

Another hot spot is the state’s north-central region. Marc DeWerth -- a noted Bigfoot researcher -- says he was followed by a Bigfoot coming out of an old Ohio strip mine. Two hikers also saw Bigfoot in Salt Fork State Park.

Think Ohio isn’t Bigfoot crazy? On August 4-5, 2023, Logan, Ohio, will host the Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival with presentations, local cuisine and a meet & greet. Next year, you can bet on using one of the top Ohio sportsbook promos as you stroll about this popular festival that draws in over 10,000 people. 

On September 9-11, a Bigfoot Basecamp Weekend is planned for Pleasant Hill Lake Park in Richland County, with Matt Moneymaker, host of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot,” and Bigfoot investigator Charles Kimbrough, author of “Squatchin’ 101.” Tickets are $15 per car.

And as Ohio now is offering A, B and C sports betting licenses, it should be noted that there are also A, B and C types of Bigfoot sightings. Class A: The source saw Bigfoot and is sure it was Bigfoot. Class B: The source saw Bigfoot evidence – such as a Bigfoot print aka a big footprint. ... Class C is of the “my friend said he saw Bigfoot” variety.

Most Likely State for a Bigfoot Sighting

State % Chance of seeing Bigfoot Odds
California 8.2%+1120
Ohio 5.7%+1654
Oregon 4.6%+2074
Michigan 4.0%+2400
Georgia 2.5%+3900
Pennsylvania 2.2%+4445
New York2.1%+4662
Kentucky 2.1%+4662
Oklahoma 2.0%+4900
North Carolina1.9%+5163
Wisconsin 1.9%+5163
West Virginia1.9%+5163
Tennessee 1.9%+5163
Alabama 1.8%+5456
Virginia 1.5%+6567
Iowa 1.4%+7043
New Jersey 1.3%+7592
South Carolina 1.0%+9900
Kansas .8%+12400
New Mexico .8%+12400
Maryland .6%+16567
Mississippi .4%+24900
Alaska .4%+24900
Connecticut .4%+24900
Maine .4%+24900
South Dakota.3%+33233
New Hampshire.3%+33233
North Dakota.1%+99900
Rhode Island.1%+99900
*BetOhio developed the odds by using the percentage of sightings of Bigfoot in each state over the amount of sightings of Bigfoot in the entire United States

Bigfoot Spreads the Love

The most recent Bigfoot sightings in the U.S. occurred just last month, in Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Utah. 

The states that have gone the longest without a Bigfoot sighting are North Dakota (12/2010), Wyoming (05/2010), and Nevada (04/2009). 

Makes sense. If you’re Bigfoot, with that shaggy coat, why hang out in the hot Las Vegas desert when you can rock out in Cleveland?

With The Buckeye State all in on the legend that is Bigfoot, maybe it will only be a matter of time until Ohio sportsbooks start offering odds on the next sighting.


How did we get here? utilized The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization ( data to compile the number of credible sightings by state that were credited and maintained by researchers, archivists, and investigators of Bigfoot. 


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