Ohio Free Parlay Calculator

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Calculating a parlay is much more complicated than using an odds calculator for a straight bet. But parlays are one of the most popular bet types at Ohio sportsbooks, so we have provided you with a free parlay calculator below: 

How to Use the Parlay Calculator

Using our parlay calculator is a simple and straightforward process. First, plug in the amount you'd like to wager. Then plug in the odds for the first leg of your parlay, and click "add odds" to add additional legs to the bet. Once you've finished, you'll see the total payout, total profit, and the implied probability of your bet hitting. 

For more information on how to bet parlays check out our guide. 

And be sure to use our parlay calculator to crunch the numbers when you're taking advantage of some of the best Ohio sportsbook promos on the market. 

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