Ohio Sports Betting Kiosks - Every Betting Kiosk in Ohio + Need to Know Details

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Ohio bettors have an extra option when it comes to placing wagers on sports. In addition to online sites, mobile apps and retail betting facilities at Ohio casinos, you can also use sports betting kiosks at various locations.

Nearly 1,000 locations have now been licensed by the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC), and that number is set to keep rising. An Ohio betting kiosk is a video self-service terminal with a touch-screen interface that provides a quick, convenient and streamlined way of placing sports wagers. Find out what you need to know about these kiosks and where to find them. 

Ohio Sports Betting Offers

Pros and Cons of Ohio Sports Betting Kiosks

Widespread availability at locations across the state
Placing sports bets is quick, easy, and convenient
Range of payment options including cash and vouchers
Instant cash-out on wins up to $600
Restricted selection of types of bets
Maximum weekly spend of $700
No horse racing bets allowed
No bonuses or promotions offered

Where Can I Find Betting Kiosks in Ohio?

The range of locations where you might find sports betting kiosks across Ohio is extensive. Many Ohio bars, including sports bars, now feature them. They can also be found in local businesses including restaurants, gas stations, bowling alleys, convenience stores, Ohio lottery retailers, and even grocery stores.

To be eligible for the Type C license that allows a business to operate an Ohio sports betting kiosk, a company must be a for-profit business. It has to be licensed to sell Ohio lottery tickets, to hold one of three types of liquor permit, and to partner with a Type C sports gaming proprietor. It must also pay a $1,000 application fee to the OCCC.

You can find a list of sports betting kiosks in Ohio below.

How to Use an Ohio Sports Betting Kiosk?

If you have already used a legal Ohio sports betting app or site, placing bets through Ohio sportsbook kiosks should hold no fears for you whatsoever. The video interfaces used by kiosks are designed to be stripped down and simple, and to make it as quick and easy to place your wager as possible.

Once you have gone through the registration process to open an account, you should be able to plot your way through a series of screens to place your first bet. The equipment and interface are designed to be totally user-friendly; just touch the screen to select the option of your bet type, then the sport and game you want to bet on, and select the bet you want to make. When you confirm your choice, you'll be issued a paper ticket with your bet recorded on it. The whole process could be completed in a matter of seconds.

Setting Up A Betting Kiosk Account

The process of preparing to place bets through an Ohio sports betting kiosk has been designed to be as straightforward as possible. You'll need some ID to hand, and some plastic too; but you should be in position to wager quickly once you follow these steps:

  • Scan a document that shows your ID - a state ID or driver's license, not a passport.
  • This will show you are over 21, the minimum age when you want to place bets in Ohio.
  • Your details are now held on file.
  • Submit a credit or debit card to show you can afford to bet.
  • Once your account is verified, you are ready to play.

How to Cash Out from an Ohio Betting Kiosk

If your luck is in and you enjoy a win from your wager at a kiosk, how can you get your hands on your payout? If your return is less than $600, you can take your winning ticket to the counter of the business where the kiosk is located and ask for it in cash. The business should be able to oblige, though there may be smaller outlets that ask you to take it in non-cash form. Your payout options may include:

  • Check through the mail
  • A credit voucher
  • Take your ticket to one of the Ohio Lottery offices
  • Payment on to a debit card or credit card
  • Payment to an e-wallet

It’s worth checking the payout rules at any venue that hosts an Ohio sports betting kiosk; they may vary from place to place.

Limitations of Ohio Betting Kiosks

Sports betting kiosks are designed to offer a streamlined, quick, and convenient method of placing wagers. However, by definition this means that there are certain elements of the Ohio sports betting experience you expect at a website or app that will not be available at a kiosk. They include:

  • The range of bet types available does not include props, futures, or live bets
  • You won't be offered promotions or bonuses
  • You can stake a maximum of $700 in a calendar week

Are Promos Available from Sports Betting Kiosks?

Promos are one of the most popular features any sportsbook can offer its customers. However, you should not expect to receive bonuses such as odds boosts or enhanced payouts on parlays at a kiosk. The streamlined nature of the user experience at betting kiosks means you are there simply to place bets on a game, so proprietors will not add any extra enhancements to your play. If you want Ohio sportsbook promos, you should stick to betting from your app or an online site. 

How Long Does it Take to Place a Bet from a Kiosk?

Once you have worked out how to use a kiosk, and registered for an account, the actual process of placing a bet can be incredibly speedy. Placing a single moneyline bet, for instance, could take you less than a minute if the user interface is instantly responsive to every click of your finger. Even compiling a multi-leg parlay should not take very much longer.

Available Sports Markets from a Betting Kiosk

The range of sports you can bet on at Ohio betting kiosks will depend on the kiosk provider. You should expect to be able to bet on all the big four sports - NHL, NBA, MLB, and NHL - not least because Ohio has at least one representative in all of them.

It should also be possible in some locations to get involved with other popular sports such as soccer, motorsports, tennis, and golf. However, you will definitely not be able to bet on horse racing.

What Types of Bets Can I Make from a Sports Betting Kiosk in Ohio?

The ways in which you can stake money on your favorite sports is less expansive than you will find at your favorite site or retail sportsbook; such as Betfred Ohio. There are four main bet types that are available - but don't forget your bets will have to be pre-game for now rather than live.

  • Moneylines: A simple wager on the team you think will win the game.
  • Point Spreads: The ever-popular handicap bet; the odds are leveled up by giving the underdog a start.
  • Over/Under: Will the combined scores of both teams be more or less than a number suggested by the sportsbook?
  • Parlays: Cover up to four legs and, if all win, you could be looking at a big payout.

Teams You Can Bet On from an Ohio Sportsbook Kiosk

Ohio is a state that adores its sport - and gamblers should be able to bet on its most popular teams when using Ohio sportsbook kiosks.

The state is home to two NFL sides, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns, and a pair of MLB teams, the Cleveland Guardians and the Cincinnati Reds. Basketball fans have the Cleveland Cavaliers to follow, while the Columbus Blue Jackets appeal to the state's hockey fans.

You should also be able to bet on the state's two MLS teams, FC Cincinnati and Columbus Crew, while fans of college sports will be looking for the chance to bet on basketball and football games involving teams including the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Ohio Bobcats.

What Software Provides the Platform and Odds?

Seven proprietors have so far been awarded licenses allowing them to partner with the hundreds of locations that are now home to Ohio sports betting kiosks. However, only five have gone live so far. The other two, Elys Game Technology and J&J Ventures, have yet to clinch any partnerships. The five that are live are:


About 80% of the electronic betting machines available in bars, grocery stores, restaurants, lottery retailers and other licensed outlets are the work of Intralot, and its SportsBet Ohio platform. More than 750 businesses are working with Intralot, which has history in the Buckeye State, having been a system provider to the Ohio Lottery for more than a decade.

Gold Rush Gaming

Gold Rush Gaming is now working with about 70 host partners, the second highest number of partnerships with host partners after Intralot. Its offering to customers in Ohio is bolstered by its tie-up with Playtech, one of the world’s leading suppliers of gambling technology.


BetIGG – or Iron Gate Gaming, to give it its full name – is an Ohio-based company. Its sportsbook is now available through more than 50 locations across its home state.


This is the trading name of Green Bear Gaming Development, and its current total of 38 locations is sure to rise. It claims to have had more than 1,400 pre-qualified Ohio host locations and is another brand with strong local appeal.


More than 30 businesses have signed up with BetSkybox. This operator benefits from a tie-up with IGT, which is powering the PlaySports QuickBet kiosks that feature under the BetSkybox brand in locations across Ohio.

Its worth noting, these software providers are completely different from the software providers you would find on a site like BetMGM Ohio. The odds may be different, as may be the navigation, available markets and so forth. 

What Are the Responsibilities of these Software Providers?

As part of their responsibilities to their host partners and customers, the providers play an extremely active role in the day-to-day running of the sports betting kiosks. Their duties include:

  • Running the sportsbook and writing the rules under which it operates
  • Providing the odds for the markets offered
  • Installing and maintaining the actual kiosks
  • Administering players’ accounts and responding to any complaints
  • Paying out prizes of more than $600

They’re also expected to give benefits to the host partners, often through a revenue share.

The Differences Between a Betting Kiosk and Online Betting

There are several differences between online sports betting and wagering at a kiosk. The principal one is about location; like a retail sportsbook, you have to travel to play at a kiosk rather than being able to place a sports bet at home, or on your mobile device.

However, there are also differences in the range of bets you can place. The selection you find at a kiosk will be limited to the most popular options, designed to appeal to people who want a quick interaction rather than a long study of a range of possibilities.

▪️ Must be played in fixed location▪️ Can be accessed wherever you are
▪️ No promotions offered▪️ Wide range of bonuses available
▪️ Range of bet types restricted▪️ All bet types available, including in-play
▪️ Access to instant payouts▪️ Withdrawals usually checked by operator

Qualifications for a Betting Kiosk License in Ohio

By early March 2023, just two months after the legal sports betting industry launched in Ohio, nearly 1,400 businesses had been pre-approved by the Ohio Lottery Commission to host betting kiosks. Those pre-approved businesses then have to be cleared by the Ohio Casino Control Commission, which has ratified more than 1,100 so far - hence the likelihood that the number of locations with live kiosks will continue to rise.

To qualify for a license, companies must meet the following criteria. They need to:

  • Be a for-profit organization
  • Be on the list of licensed lottery retailers
  • Pay a $1,000 application fee to the OCCC
  • Partner with one of the approved proprietors
  • Have a liquor permit; either D1, D2, or D5

Should I Use a Betting Kiosk or Bet from My Phone?

There are advantages to either using your phone to place a bet or putting your money on using an Ohio sports betting kiosk. Getting involved with your favorite Ohio sports team through a kiosk can be incredibly easy, a pleasant side-activity if you’re visiting bars with friends.

At the same time, sports betting through a really good app on your mobile device gives you a wider choice of bet types, as well as access to your favorite promos. Of course, you can use your phone to bet while you are in the type of establishment that might have kiosks.

Ultimately, there is room for both options. The fact that both are available helps to underscore Ohio’s reputation as one of the states that is most welcoming to Ohio gambling in general and sports betting in particular.

Ohio Sports Betting Kiosk FAQs


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