Caesars Sportsbook Ohio Launch Details and Promo Code

By Martin Booth

It's only a matter of time before Caesars Sportsbook in Ohio goes live. Although licenses have not been made official you can almost certainly expect this top Ohio sports betting site to be in the Buckeye State. Find out why. 

Quick Glance At Caesars Sportsbook Ohio

🥇 Caesars Sportsbook Promo CodeUse BOOKIES for MI, PA, IN. Ohio promo code TBD
🥇 Best ForApp Experience
📲 Device CompatibilityAndroid, iOS, Safari, Windows
🏀 Available SportsBasketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey & More
💳 Minimum Deposit$20 on Digital Deposits
💰 Wagering Requirement$0.10
Withdrawal Time3 Days
📅 Expected LaunchJan. 2023

The Ohio Casino Control Commission is due to complete the regulatory framework required for legal betting to commence on January 1, 2023.

Once the work is done, a market that could be worth more than $3 billion a year by the end of the decade will burst into life - and Caesars will undoubtedly be one of the big names competing. With one of the most famous names in gambling - augmented by the shrewd acquisition of a brand with a long history of sports betting expertise - the Caesars sportsbook has rapidly become one of the very best sportsbooks available in more than a dozen states. 

A Complete Review of Caesars Sportsbook Ohio

So what can bettors expect? In this guide, we'll look in detail at the overall experience. We'll review the Caesars promo code and bonuses likely to be available for new and existing customers, the Caesars sportsbook Ohio app and website, and the pros and cons of making this your preferred sports betting destination.

Just as the Caesars of ancient Rome set out to conquer much of the known world, their modern counterpart has set its sights on reaching the very top of the betting scene. Caesars came to the task of building a betting empire with the advantage of bearing one of the most recognized names in American gambling.

Their move to purchase William Hill, a name with similar luster in the traditional UK betting market, for nearly $4 billion in 2021 represented a short-cut to a burgeoning new market. The William Hill sportsbook was already live in several states and Caesars has pushed on since the acquisition and rebrand to obtain licenses in several more.  

Given the size of the opportunity for operators in Ohio, it is highly unlikely that Caesars will miss out on adding the Buckeye State to that list.


Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code Ohio: BOOKIES

So what can Ohio residents expect when they open a Caesars sportsbook Ohio account? One of the most eye-catching sign-up bonuses on the market - and that's just the start.

In other places where it's already live, including neighboring states such as West Virginia, Michigan Indiana, New York, and others, Caesars Sportsbook has become renowned for the quality and generosity of its first deposit bonus and ongoing promotions for existing customers. In Ohio sports betting promotions are a key weapon in the battle for players' loyalty, and Caesars is especially well-armed in this respect.  

In neighboring states where sportsbetting online is legal you can use our exclusive promo code "BOOKIES" to claim a welcome bonus of up to $1,500 as a risk-free bet. We will list the Ohio promo code as soon as Caesars launches in Jan. 2023.

First Bet Match Up to $1,500

Risk-free bets are one of the most popular ways of ensuring bettors' first experience of a sports gambling site is a positive one. Caesars stands tall with one of the most lucrative sign-up bonuses available. If you deposit at least $50, you qualify for a risk-free bet of up to $1,500. If your first wager is a winner - and Caesars Sportsbook Ohio does not stipulate minimum odds - you collect your return. But if it loses, you get your stake back and can continue playing with no further deposit needed. 

Bet $20, Get $30

This is an alternative sign-up bonus that has also been offered in other states. If your initial wager is exactly $20, you receive six $50 free bets. This is ideal for Caesars sportsbook Ohio customers who don't want to deposit as much as $50 when they sign up.  

Cover Cash Wednesdays

A special offer that tends to apply to basketball bets. If you stake at least $50 on the point spread in a particular match, and you cover that spread, you qualify for a free bet. It's worth $2 for every point by which your team covers the spread.  

Spread the Word

The opportunity to profit from introducing your buddies to an online sportsbook is highly alluring. If you share your unique registration referral link with a pal, and they then register and deposit at least $50, you qualify for a bonus. This comes in the form of a $100 free bet. 

Profit Boosts

Caesars Sportsbook allows you to add value to a wager by using a profit boost. Once you have placed a straight bet or a parlay, check out your bonus drawer. If you are able to apply such a boost, your winnings will be more lavish than you anticipated when you made your selection.    

Caesars Rewards Program for Sports Bettors in Ohio

When the final steps are taken to make online operations such as the Caesars OH betting site, residents of the state can look forward to one of the best reward programs available to bettors anywhere.  

By placing online sports bets, you can collect Caesars Rewards points. You earn one credit for every $5 of potential profit on every wager, up to a maximum of ten times your stake. As you amass credits, you can progress through the six-tier reward system.

Benefits can include a regular free bet and other free bets of increasing magnitude, as well as hotel benefits such as free nights and upgrades when you stay at a Caesars property. This is a scheme that adds serious value to your Caesars betting experience. 

How to Link Caesars Rewards to the Ohio Caesars Sportsbook

To link your Ohio Caesars Sportsbook betting account to the Caesars Rewards program you will need to:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on My Account and choose Loyalty Details.
  3. Click Connect to link your sportsbook account to the Caesars Rewards card

Diamond Member Benefits from Caesars Rewards

The Ohio Caesars Sportsbook Rewards Program will feature various tiers. For every $5 bet, you will earn a tier credit. The more points you earn, the higher the status you will achieve. Each level, or tier, comes with perks such as free bets, free cash drops, birthday gifts and more.

GoldEntry Level
Platinum5,000 Tier Credits
Diamond15,000 Tier Credits
Diamond Plus25,000 Tier Credits
Diamond Elite75,000 Tier Credits
Seven Stars150,000 Tier Credits

Popular Betting Features at Caesars Sportsbook

When the Caesars Ohio sportsbook is available, players will find a host of features that enhance the experience of placing bets. Like most user-friendly sportsbooks, Caesars Ohio works hard to offer its customers the type of bet they want to make, whenever they want to make it. There are various ways in which players get extra value here, and are given plenty of options when it comes to wagering.

  • Bet on Sports Live

    The ability to place a bet on an event that is already under way is a relatively recent innovation in the sports betting world. But it is one that an enormous number of players now use. Betting in play has grown hugely in popularity, and the Caesars Ohio sportsbook offers live betting on a vast choice of events. There is even a dedicated Live button at the top of the left-hand navigation column on the website and it is the first button on the home screen of the Caesars app. You can be in no doubt of this operator's commitment to the joys of live betting.

  • Stream Sports Live

    A feature that goes hand-in-hand with live betting is the provision of live streaming. It makes a great difference if you can watch the action you've just wagered on. Like many of its rivals, Caesars has applied plenty of effort to boost the number of events from which it carries live pictures - these now include horse racing, soccer and basketball. Further development of this feature is inevitable as Caesars strives for an edge against other leading sportsbooks. When legal sports betting arrives in Ohio, it will be intriguing to see if the offering has been bolstered.

  • Early Cash Out Options

    Another innovation that increases the sense of involvement in a sporting event is the ability to cash out early. Let's say you've placed a bet on an Ohio state college football team such as the Ohio State Buckeyes, but you can see your selection is unlikely to work out. If you want to cash out to limit your loss, you will be offered a figure to do so. Similarly, if you're in a winning position and want to guarantee a profit, this feature is for you. Caesars sports betting offers the chance to cash out on a wide selection of sports and leagues.

  • Same Game Parlay Betting

    Parlays have always been popular with sports bettors. The chance to turn a small stake into a massive return appeals to the gambler in all of us. Traditionally, parlays comprised outcomes from different games. More recently, however, players have been offered the opportunity to build their own bet using lines and props from a single game. Look for the green SGP next to a game on the Caesars sportsbook to be sure you can place such a bet here.

  • Odds Boosts Options

    Odds boosts are an excellent way for Ohio operators to offer players extra value. They can generate a bigger stake, and even tempt browsers to place a wager they weren't planning to make. The Caesars sportsbook's commitment to odds boosts is shown by the presence of a dedicated app high on the website navigation. The volume of those boosts is highly impressive, though it would help if the original odds were shown to emphasize the size of the boost applied. Nevertheless, it is always worth checking out if your bet could be subjected to a lift that offers the prospect of a larger return.

Bet from the Ohio Caesars App

For an increasing proportion of American bettors, placing a sports wager is a mobile-first experience. The Caesars Ohio app meets this demand superbly and stylishly. The app is available for iPhone users at the Apple Store and for Android owners at the Google Play Store.

In both instances, the offering scores highly among players in states such as Indiana and West Virginia; this is clearly one of the best Ohio betting apps in this congested marketplace. It is expertly designed, quick and easy to use, and all the features you find on the website - including Caesars promos, live betting and streaming - are available here. 

Caesars Ohio Sportsbook Pros and Cons

✔️ Outstanding deposit bonus and other offers❌ Limited selection of sports to bet on
✔️ Highly competitive odds❌ No original odds shown on boosts
✔️ Excellent user experience on website and app❌ Can be slow to update on live events
✔️ Superior rewards program


The Caesars OH sportsbook offers an outstanding sports betting experience. This is a brand with deep expertise that it leverages to deliver eye-catching bonuses and offers, extensive in-play betting opportunities and an app that is a pleasure to use. Experienced bettors will appreciate the fact that Caesars regularly delivers some of the best odds to be found, while the rewards program will also capture plenty of hearts and minds. 


Although the Caesars sportsbook offers deep coverage of American sports, with numerous betting options to match, it carries odds on only a dozen sports - much less than some of its rivals such as BetMGM Sportsbook Ohio in other states. Fans of certain international events may be tempted elsewhere as a result. One small but significant upgrade would be the inclusion of original prices on odds boosts, to show precisely how much extra value is being offered.  

Wagering Leagues Available with Caesars Ohio

With sports betting legal in Ohio, what type of wagers can those who want to bet on sports expect to find when online sportsbooks such as Caesars go live? The most popular bets are the following - all of which are available through the Caesars sportsbook app and website in other states such as Michigan and West Virginia:

  • Moneyline
  • Point Spreads
  • Parlays
  • Over/Under
  • Props
  • Futures

Ohio boasts a top-level sporting landscape that can be matched by very few states in the Union. All the Big Four sports are represented here, while there are plenty of other sports played to a high level, not to mention a busy college sports scene.

As a result, there is sure to be considerable interest in the opportunity to place wagers on local teams when sports betting gets underway in the Buckeye State.

The Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns fly the flag for the NFL here, while the same two cities host MLB action and draw huge support for the Reds and Guardians respectively. Cleveland is also the stage for NBA games involving the Cavaliers, while the Columbus Blue Jackets ensure hockey fans have an NFL team to pull for.

Plenty of soccer fans will be energized by the chance to bet on MLS sides FC Cincinnati and the Columbus Crew, and the exploits of the Ohio State Buckeyes in college football and college basketball draw massive support. It's also worth mentioning that Daily Fantasy Sports remain popular in Ohio, having been officially legalized here in 2016.

The opportunity to place bets legally and easily on local teams will undoubtedly drive a busy Ohio sports betting market right from the start. 

Betting Options Available with Caesars Sportsbook Ohio Sports Betting

You may be new to sports betting, or have long experience in the activity. Maybe you enjoy placing a bet on a regular basis, or perhaps you take a more casual approach to it. However you like to engage with your favorite sports, there are various ways of placing your money on the outcome. The most popular betting options include: 

  • Moneyline Betting

    Often seen as the entry-level bet because it's the simplest: which team do you think will win? Moneyline also describes the type of odds most commonly used in the USA. You may see the Cleveland Cavaliers priced at -200 to win their next game. This means you'd need to stake $200 to make a $100 profit. If the Cavs are quoted at +200, however, you win $200 for every $100 staked.

  • Spread Bets

    A hugely popular option with bettors and a great way to add enjoyment to a game. Let's say the Ohio State Buckeyes are favored in their next game; a sports gambling site might give their opponents a 7.5-point start and quote both sides at -110. If you still back the Buckeyes and they win by eight points or more, you've covered the spread and backed a winner.

  • Parlay Betting Options

    Parlay bets are an excellent method for covering several selections with a single stake. Of course, all your picks have to win; but if they do, you should get a handsome return. If you believe the Columbus Crew and FC Cincinnati will both win on the same day, for instance, a parlay is for you - and check out the bet-building opportunities of same-game parlays too.

  • Over/Under Totals

    Also called totals, these are bets on exactly that - how many times in total will a certain outcome occur? The most popular example is the combined number of points scored by both teams. So if a sportsbook estimates there will be 35 points in the Cincinnati Bengals' next game, you decide whether you think there will be more (over) or fewer (under) and wager accordingly.

  • Futures Betting

    Not all bets have to be placed on sports events about to take place - or those under way already. You can look far into the future and back your hunch now. So if you believe the Cincinnati Reds will win the Central division of the MLB next season, a futures bet is perfect for you.

  • Prop Bets

    If you are not tempted by a moneyline or point spread bet, there may be some other aspect of a game on which you hold an opinion. This is where proposition bets, to give them their full name, come in. These relate to outcomes within an event and the variety is huge - how many will a particular player score, who will be in front at the half, who will reach a certain number of points first, and many more.

Caesars Ohio Sportsbook Payment Methods

One of the most important considerations, when you open an account to bet on sports, is the method you use to deposit money into your account. This has to be easy and convenient for you - as does the way in which you withdraw your money. 

Payment Options

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • ACH Transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • American Express

Caesars Ohio Sportsbook Deposits and Withdrawals

Let's look at the different methods that are likely to be available to Caesars customers in Ohio. 


Perhaps because of its long experience in the casino world, Caesars offers an impressively wide choice of ways to place money in your account. You can use credit cards and debit cards, as well as direct bank transfers, e-checks and e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Alternatively, sign up for a Caesars Sportsbook Play+ card - or deposit cash at casinos or other premises where Caesars runs a retail sportsbook. 


Caesars kindly warns that withdrawals could take up to 72 hours, but in most instances the money arrives in your account much sooner than that. Play+ and PayPal withdrawals are particularly swift. You can also use online bank transfer, e-check, or cash from a casino cage.

Caesars Ohio Payout Methods

Caesars PayPal Withdrawal Time 1-3 Days
Caesars Play+ Withdrawal Time Instantly at Participating ATMs
Caesars Bank Transfer Withdrawal Time Daily

Caesars Sportsbook Ohio User Experience

Once legal betting arrives in Ohio, its residents will probably have the chance to try the Caesars sports betting experience. And this is an operator from the very top drawer.

It's very easy to like the range of offers, competitive odds and superlative smoothness of both the website and app. There's a relaxed, fun feel to Caesars that encourages a relaxed mood as you tour the markets and odds available. Yes, seeing a greater range of sports on offer might help those who want to be involved in wagering on less mainstream events. But we can be confident that Caesars will find an audience in Ohio if and when it gets the chance. 

Caesars Sportsbook App

Nowhere is the value of great user experience demonstrated more clearly than on the Caesars Ohio app. The design balances perfectly the need to deliver a lot of information with the player's requirement to move quickly and surely from page to page - and to be able to place a wager swiftly and easily. This is a legendarily rapid app, one that makes the mobile sports betting experience a truly pleasant one.   

Caesars Sportsbook Website Interface

As with all online sportsbooks that focus strongly on the mobile offering, the website version can look a little spacey. There are wide-open white areas on the Caesars desktop pages, which some visitors may find distracting. The pages also carry a lot of information, which can make for plenty of scrolling - the ability to collapse sections is definitely your friend here. But there are no issues at all with the ease of navigation, the ability to move instantly from section to section and the general excellence of the experience. 

Caesars Sportsbook Support Options

If you have a query or an issue arising from your Caesars sports betting, you have several ways of getting in touch to seek help. Caesars is known as a brand for setting great store by the quality of its customer support, and the following resources are easy to find at the top and foot of the website home page:

💻 Live ChatClick on the link, give a quick rundown of the issue you need help with, and you should get help from an expert instantly.
✉️ EmailLink available from the drop-down menu.
FAQsThe "online help" section of the support menu accesses an incredibly extensive library of answers to common questions, from the size of minimum bets to payments and promotions.

Each state's sportsbook also has a phone number, though this is not easily found through the online support section and takes a bit of sleuthing to track down.

Is Caesars Ohio Safe?

As one of the world's leading casino brands, Caesars appreciates the paramount importance of keeping its players' personal details and financial information completely safe at all times. As a result, Caesars has a hitherto perfect record when it comes to security. It is dedicated to maintaining this by using SSL encryption software, and by having a full-time dedicated team of experts in the field to anticipate and block any threats.  

Nevertheless, it's important you play your part by choosing a strong password. Don't give the cyber-bullies even the hint of a chance of accessing your details by opting for "password" or an easily guessed set of numbers like "54321".

How to Open an Ohio Caesars Sportsbook Account

Every operator needs to collect several key pieces of information from prospective clients. At the same time, each tries to make the process of registering for an account as straightforward as possible, so that a player can place their first bet with little delay.

Caesars is no exception to this rule, offering a quick and simple sign-up routine.

  • ✅   Step #1: Find the "Sign Up" button and use it to access a registration form.
  • ✅   Step #2: Fill in your name, email, date of birth and mobile number.
  • ✅   Step #3: Choose a password, create a security question, give the last four digits of your Social Security number and provide your address.
  • ✅   Step #4: Now enter any Caesars promo code we list here to make sure you qualify for your sign-up bonus - though it should be possible to claim this even without a bonus code.
  • ✅   Step #5: Agree to the terms and conditions and click "Submit".
  • ✅   Step #6: If Caesars cannot verify your identity, you may have to provide scans of documentary proof.
  • ✅   Step #7: Choose your banking method, make a deposit - and you're ready to place your first bet.

Caesars Ohio vs. Other Sportsbooks

When online sports betting gets off the ground in Ohio, competition for custom in such a potentially lucrative market will inevitably be intense. The best online sportsbooks will undoubtedly obtain licenses to operate in the Buckeye State. All will present a compelling reason to bet with them; so how does Caesars compare with its leading rivals?

Caesars Ohio vs. FanDuel Ohio

FanDuel betting site in Ohio is one of the biggest beasts in the North American betting jungle. Like Caesars, it has serious claims to be the very best place to bet. Its breadth of sports coverage is unarguably broader than that to be found at Caesars, and its history as a DFS provider will give it an edge in the race for fantasy custom. However, the Caesars sign-up bonus stands up well in comparison, while the rewards program is also a big mark in Caesars' favor in this particular head-to-head. 

Caesars Sportsbook Ohio vs. BetMGM Ohio

BetMGM's history is similar to that of Caesars, given that its brand history was written in the casino space. The operator also has a wider spread of bets available when it comes to the number of sports on which it carries markets. The two are impossible to separate in the area of user experience - both are outstanding in this regard, and are equally impressive when it comes to customer support. However, Caesars OH has the edge in the quality of its rewards program.

Caesars Ohio Sportsbook vs. DraftKings Ohio

Like its old DFS adversary, DraftKings Ohio has moved with impressive speed to claim a pre-eminent position in the line-up of online sportsbooks regulated in the USA. It's another rival that scores well against Caesars Sportsbook Ohio for the number of sports on which it provides markets. Some users have also noted that the operator is a few seconds quicker in updating its in-play markets. However, Caesars scores highly for its sign-up bonus, given the hefty playthrough requirements by DK Sportsbook. 

Responsible Gaming with Caesars Sportsbook Ohio

For the vast majority of us, placing a bet is a relaxing leisure experience, a way of enhancing our engagement with our favorite sports. However, for a small minority a bet is a step on a slippery slope to a gambling problem, with all the issues associated with addiction.

Major sportsbooks take seriously their responsibility to encourage responsible gambling at all times, and Caesars stands up well in this regard with a dedicated responsible gaming link high on the home page.

This leads to a hefty section with plenty of advice around self-exclusion and setting bet limits, as well as its own Opt-Out program for people who want to take a step back from sports betting for a while. However, it does not provide links to external agencies that can offer practical assistance and support. In Ohio, there are several such bodies dedicated to helping people with a gambling problem, which include:

Start Betting with Caesars Sportsbook in Ohio

When the time comes to commence sports betting in Ohio, Caesars is extremely well placed to claim a prominent place in the roster of leading sportsbooks operating in the state.

It will benefit from potential players' familiarity of its brand, as well as the excellence of its sports betting experience delivered by the acquisition of William Hill's long expertise in this area.

This is a classy, confident brand with a strong identity and a powerful focus on making the process of placing a bet as intuitive, easy and enjoyable as possible. The quality of the OH Caesars promo codes and bonuses, the competitiveness of its odds and the convenience of its desktop and mobile platforms all work towards making this a compelling destination for sports fans and bettors.

We look forward to seeing how Caesars Ohio goes about the task of conquering new territory to add to its impressive empire. 

Caesars Ohio Sportsbook and Promo Codes FAQ


Martin has reviewed sports betting sites and online casinos from all around the world including all the top brands in Canada. An expert at picking out exactly what sets each app apart, Martin is our go-to source when it comes to informing our readers on what the top betting apps and casino sites have to offer in Ohio.

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