How to Pick the Best Fantasy Football Team Names for the 2023 NFL Season

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Fantasy Football is not just about researching stats, crushing game tape, or projecting the breakout stars of the season. It's also about injecting a bit of fun and personal flair into the game. And nothing screams personality louder than a creative team name. 

Your team name can be a reflection of your personality, humor, favorite players, or even a witty take on recent football events. When chosen well, a good team name can be a source of pride (and a few laughs) throughout the season. Here's a brief introduction on how to pick the best fantasy football team name:

How to Pick the Best Fantasy Football Team Name in 2023

Here are some quick-hitting tips to help you pick your team name this season

Reflect Your Personality 

Whether you're known for your dry humor, sarcasm, or love for puns, let your personality shine through. If you're a movie buff, maybe combine your favorite film with a football reference, like "Gone with the Win" or "Game of Throws".

Play with Player Names

Player names can provide a goldmine of pun-tastic names. "Lamar the Merrier", "Baker’s Dozen", or "Gurley Men" are just a few examples of how players' names can be twisted into team names.

Keep it Current

If something major has happened in the NFL recently (like a big trade or a memorable play), it can be a fresh source for a topical and timely team name. But remember, what's current today might not be relevant at the end of the season.

Consider Your Team's Identity

If you've got a strategy for your fantasy team (like drafting only rookie players), a name that nods to that can be fun. For instance, "Rookie Rush" or "Sophomore Surge".

Stay Respectful

While humor and wit are encouraged, it's crucial to ensure your team name isn't offensive or overly controversial. It's all fun and games until someone is genuinely hurt.

Get Feedback

 Float your potential names by friends or fellow league members. They might offer a chuckle, a groan, or even a better suggestion.

Players Ohio Users Should Name Their Team After

Of course, there are more than a few players we think Ohioans will be partial to. Here are three players to name your team after: 

Joe Burrow Team Name

Of course, we had to start with the biggest name in the state. There are plenty of reasons to use one of the many clever Joe Burrow fantasy football team names. If you draft him this year, he'll almost certainly be your fake captain. 

Ja'Marr Chase Team Name

But you can't go wrong making his teammate your captain, either. There are plenty of great Ja'Marr Chase fantasy football team names for you to choose from. 

Nick Chubb Team Name

Of course, we didn't forget about Browns fans. If you're going to name your team after a player from Cleveland, this guy feels like the obvious choice. There are almost too many puns you can use when you go with one of the many Nick Chubb fantasy football team names, so you've got a lot of options if you pick the former Bulldog. 

Get Started Picking a Fantasy Team Name

Remember, your fantasy football team name is an extension of your creativity. It sets the tone for your season and can serve as a conversation starter (or ender) during league meet-ups. So, take a moment, think of a name that resonates with you, and may the best team name win!


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