PointsBet Ohio App Review: October 2023

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PointsBet Ohio is currently live! Get to know what we think of this Ohio sportsbook in our updated 2023 review.

PointsBet Ohio Info: July 2024

✅ Is PointsBet Ohio Live?Yes
✅ When Will PointsBet Become Fanatics?2024
Info Last Verified:July 17, 2024

Sportsbook Rewards Program at PointsBet Ohio

PointsBet Ohio offers a rewards program that is simple and straightforward. You earn points based on the quantity and amounts of your wagers and those points may be redeemed for bet credits on the site.

Bet AmountPoints Earned
$5 Fixed Odds Bet1 reward point
$1 Parlay Bet1 reward point
Every dollar won OR lost via PointsBetting1 reward point
$100 Parlay Bet100 reward points
$200 Fixed Odds Bet200 reward points
$300 PointsBetting Win300 reward points
$300 In-Play Bet100 reward points
$100 In-Play Parlay100 reward points

Players will earn one point on every $5 fixed odds bet, $1 parlay and/or $1 won or lost in points betting. So, if you make a $20 fixed odds bet, you earn four points whether you win or lose that wager. 

Redemption tiers begin at 250 points and go up to 100,000 points. The redemption ratio is 1:1 points to cents (1:$.01).

2023 Review of PointsBet Ohio Sportsbook App and Site

PointsBet Ohio offers better a number of unique features including Lightning Bets and PointsBetting. The operator has its roots in Austrailia where it opened up in 2017 and quickly grew a reputation as being one of the most intuitive sportsbooks available. Since then, they've launched in several states and are now in Ohio. On May 14, 2023, PointsBet made an announcement saying they were being bought by Fanatics Sportsbook Ohio for $150 million. DraftKings offered $195 million on June 16, 2023, but was overtaken by the new offer from Fanatics for $225 million. You can see how PointsBet is clearly an operator sought by some of the biggest names in the industry. 

For the time being, PointsBet Ohio operates as normal. Whether they will change their platform or be integrated into the Fanatics platform is yet to come. We like PointsBet Ohio for its very attractive rewards program, as well as its convenient banking options and competitive odds. If you have not tried this operator, now is the time to try PointsBet Ohio for the NFL season.

⭐️ Is PointsBet Sportsbook Legit?Licensed By the OCCC
Minimum Deposit$5
⏱️ Withdrawal Time1-2 Business Days
🤝 Partnered WithHollywood Gaming
Review Last Verified:July 17, 2024

Downloading the PointsBet Ohio App

The PointsBet Ohio mobile app is available at both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The app carries a 4.6 and 4.7 rating on the two stores respectively. When logging in to the PointsBet Ohio app the first time, you have the option to set up a PIN for the login instead of your full password, you can also set up your biometric login (TouchID or FaceID on the iPhone, sticky password or other).

The app interface is almost identical to the website interface so users will easily navigate the app. The code is efficient and fast…one of the best mobile apps we have reviewed.

PointsBet Ohio Sportsbook App Rating

📱 Apple App Store Score4.6
📱 Google Play Score4.7

What iOS Users Are Saying

  • 🗣️  "All in all, their great customer support and unique betting options is what makes me consider them my favorite book."
  • 🗣️  "Overall, it’s one of my favorite betting apps and well worth starting an account in my opinion."
  • 🗣️  "The only downside I’ll note is that a few months back I started having issues getting the app to login and respond right away. Partial load at startup, followed by lack of response when clicking on login and menu buttons."

What Android Users Are Saying

  • 🗣️  "I think this might be my favorite sportsbook app. I just started using it today in the past I've tried several of the apps. I use FD sometimes, but I honestly love the feel of Pointsbet and I plan on using it as my main sportsbook it is easy to place wagers and parlays and they have a ton of options for each game."
  • 🗣️  "It's pretty easy to navigate once you're in. My only quibble is that I couldn't use BOA to deposit funds and that when you are building a SGP and you change the page your selections are deleted, otherwise, it would have been 5 stars."
  • 🗣️  "Every time I go to log in it has me in Illinois (the wrong state) even though I have done every troubleshoot they asked me to. The customer service seems dumbfounded by the situation. It's annoying having to change the state every time I open the app."

Positives of the PointsBet Ohio App

Ease of Login with Biometrics - PointsBet App supports biometrics and remembers the user’s user ID (email address)
Speed - The raw speed and fluidity of the app is exceptional. Players will not experience lag or loading in the app, which is great for live betting.
Simple Navigation - Finding betting markets on the app is simple and easy. Menus load quickly and the interface is human-friendly. Plus the color scheme is easy on the eyes.

Negatives of the PointsBet Ohio App

Game Data Density - there are fewer games displayed on the screen as compared to FanDuel or DraftKings.
Bet Slip - The PointsBet Ohio app has a bet slip that does not automatically populate with parlays when a bet is selected. This is the exception with most other mobile betting apps.

How to Sign Up for a PointsBet Ohio Account

In this PointsBet Ohio online sportsbook review, you will notice this operator features a simple sign-up process that will include your name, email address, date of birth, social security number, etc. The Identity Verification process requires your street address, which will then trigger some ID validation questions for you to answer. Once this is complete, you will set up your 2-factor authentication (text to mobile phone).

  1. ✅  Click on one of the links on this page to go directly to the officially licensed Pointsbet Ohio sportsbook.
  2. ✅  Enter your First Name, Last Name, and email address (click “Continue)
  3. ✅  Enter your Date of Birth, last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, mobile number, and street address. We strongly recommend you enable your mobile for Multi-Factor Authentication.
  4. ✅  Finally, set a password and check the necessary boxes for acknowledgments. Strong passwords should be at least twelve characters long and randomized as much as possible.

Its worth noting you will not need to be from Ohio to sign up to PointsBet Ohio, 

PointsBet Sportsbook Ohio Betting Site Features

The site offers all of the traditional modes of sports betting, but what PointsBet Ohio offers that is truly unique is its Points Betting feature.

  • Name a Bet PointsBet Ohio offers thousands of options in dozens of sports betting markets on a daily basis. But in case you don't see the action you want, you can ask for it through the PointsBet mobile app or website. The further you ask for it, the more likely you'll get odds offered to you. And they're not bound to give you odds just because you asked. But, hell, it's a no if you don't ask.
  • Points Betting What makes Points Betting fun and exciting is not that you get a bet right, but how correctly you get your bet. For instance, let’s say you have the Cavs vs. Knicks, and you like the total of 200 points, so you take the over. On your $20 bet, you would normally earn $22 profit if the bet is successful. Now, with Points Betting, you get additional money for every point over the 200 your two teams go, so if they score 220 combined points, you can then multiply your stake ($20) by the number of points over our total (20 points) for a combined payout of $400! Review PointsBet and you will see it has a convenient tutorial on Points Betting along with a video of how it works on their site. Keep in mind, this feature is unique to Points Bet Ohio. You won't it at sites like Ohio FanDuel Sportsbook.
  • Live Betting Navigate to the Live tab on the left side of the menu to see the available events that are live. Select the event and choose the odds market you are ready to bet on. Odds will change and update throughout the game.
  • Live Streaming Thanks to the partnership PointsBet enjoys with NBC Sports, you can stream plenty of sporting events through the PointsBet Sportsbook app or website. PointsBet Ohio offers live action on select sports, via an in-app video player. With this, you can watch certain games live and bet at the same time. Select matches also have new game visualizations. You can follow the moves of the ball, puck or player with in-game animations.
  • Cash-Out / Partial Cash-Out If you want to secure your winnings or cut the possible losses, you can use the cash out feature. This is available in certain games and markers. If available, you will see a Cash Out icon on the betslip. Partial Cash Out is a completely unique feature to PointsBet in Ohio and other states. When available, bettors have a third option to take some cash, but still sweat out the rest of the bet. It will be available in any market with a Cash Out.
  • Partial Cash Out If your bet is eligible for Cash Out but you still want to let some of it ride, Partial Cash Out is for you. You can settle however much of your bet you'd like and cut some losses or nail down winnings that way. But leaving part of the bet unsettled will allow you to take the remainder of your stake to the finish. Have it both ways!

Software at PointsBet Sportsbook Ohio

PointsBet has their own in-house software. This means they do not license out betting platforms, like Kambi, and put their own skin on it. They also are known for their fast servers, which are crucial for high betting times, such as during the Super Bowl.

When accessing PointsBet online, the user will notice a large section of “featured” games and markets. This is how PointsBet distills the hundreds of markets available globally to the ones players might be most interested in wagering. Other markets may be accessed by the series of tiles at the top of the screen. If you want to bet the NFL, there’s a tile, if you want to bet Table Tennis, there’s a tile.

Selecting the line you want to bet is as simple as clicking the box with the wager you want. That wager will be automatically added to your bet slip and parlay options created for you as well. Add more wagers (legs) to create your parlay or keep them as straight bets. 

How to Deposit and Withdrawal from PointsBet Ohio

PointsBet offers a number of deposit and withdrawal options for bettors in Ohio. Each method may have their own guidelines, such as minimum and maximum amounts and transactional times. Please review them before you take action. 

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • ACH Transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

Depositing Funds

Depositing funds for PointsBet Ohio is easy. The site allows depositing through the following vendors:

  • Debit / Credit Card
  • Gift Cards & Pre-paid Cards
  • Online Banking via Trustly
  • ACH/eCheck
  • PayNearMe

Withdrawing Funds

Making a withdrawal from PointsBet Ohio takes 1-2 days to process internally. Once this is authorized, it will take a further 1-3 days before you can access your funds. Note some banking institutions do not allow any gambling transactions. You should verify whether or not this is applicable with your bank prior to making a withdrawal. 

  • Online Banking
  • PayPal
  • ACH/eCheck

Wager Types at PointsBet Ohio

PointsBet Ohio features a wide variety of wager types. Here are some of the most popular bet options.

  • Moneyline A moneyline bet is simple for PointsBet Ohio bettors: who do you think is going to win? This wager type is one of the most popular options, and removes all the uncertainty around win margin.
  • Point Spreads Point spreads involve margin of victory. For example, if you wager on PointsBet Ohio the Cincinnati Bengals with a -3.5 point spread in a game against the Cleveland Browns, you would need them to win by 4 points or more to cover. If you bet the underdog at +3.5, you need them to stay within 3 points, or win the game.
  • Over/Under Totals Over/under totals bets are wagers on the total combined points scored by both teams in a single game. If the Cleveland Cavs are playing the Boston Celtics, and the PointsBet Ohio total is set at 225.5 points, you would either be wagering on 226 points or more, or 225 points or less.
  • Futures Bets Futures bets are based one eventual outcomes in the future, whether it's the Super Bowl champs, the NBA Finals winner, or any other future outcomes. These odds at PointsBet Sportsbook Ohio will typically be higher than other wager types.
  • Live Betting Live betting is one of the most entertaining ways to wager in Ohio. If you didn't get any action in pregame. you can still wager on the Bengals, Browns, Cavs or any other team once the action has started.

Pros & Cons of PointsBet Ohio Sportsbook Online

✔️ Points Betting Feature❌ Limited support options
✔️ Excellent Interface❌ No contests or tournaments
✔️ Online Streaming❌ Parlay assembly can be confusing
✔️ Odds display preferences

PointsBet Ohio Vs. Other Sportsbooks

Ohio bettors have many options for online sportsbooks and sports betting apps. The fair thing to do is compare them. While Ohio is set to offer many licenses, the “big players” on the block are still DraftKings and the fast-rising Ohio Caesars Sportsbook.

Comparing Pointsbet odds to other main operators shows that PointsBet rarely stands alone with the best or worst odds on markets, whereas the other three are often on either end of the scale. The best odds are often at Caesars.

Safety and Security Provided By PointsBet Ohio

PointsBet values Ohio bettors’ safety and privacy. They implement site wide-encryption via Cloudflare and utilize SSL certification. These are standard protocols that are offered by all operators in the state, and found on the site and PointsBet Ohio app. 

We encourage you to use a strong password with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. If you enter you password, or account details incorrectly 3 times, your account will be locked for 60 minutes. At this time, no agent will be able to access the account which makes it useless to reach out to support. Your account will not be suspended, but you will have to wait the full hour before either re-setting your password or re-attempting to login. 


How to Contact PointsBet in Ohio

Should you need any support with your account or have general questions, PointsBet Ohio offers a couple of ways to contact their support. 

A detailed help section is available and provides answers to some of the most popular topics. We appreciate the detailed information and would encourage anyone to review this prior to contacting the support. 

Who is PointsBet Ohio Partnered With?

Due to the regulations set forth by the Ohio Casino Control Commission, any online sportsbook operator in Buckeye State needs a partner already operating in the sports or gambling space in the state. While they have yet to partner with an Ohio-based sports team, they're in bounds thanks to their deal with Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course, a racino near Youngstown.

PointsBet Sportsbook Ohio Launch Timeline: July 2024

  • 📆  January 1, 2023: PointsBet Ohio officially launches in the state, right as the ball drops at midnight.
  • 📆  December 25, 2022: One week from launch, PointsBet Ohio sportsbook and Ohioans alike are ready for sports betting.
  • 📆  December 14, 2022: PointsBet announces a complex $700 pre-launch bonus for customers. $200 in the form of $50 in bet credits every week for the first four weeks, and $500 in the form of $100 first bet insurance every day for the first five days after launch.
  • 📆  October 5, 2022: PointsBet receives their Ohio sports betting license after applying in June.
  • 📆  June 16, 2022: The Australian sportsbook is among some of the early applications in Ohio, submitting their application shortly after applications opened.

Please Gamble Responsibly with PointsBet in Ohio

PointsBet Ohio is committed to responsible gambling. The site features a dedicated page to inform and help bettors, as well as anyone who may be interesting in safe betting practices. 

Anyone in Ohio can sign up to the Self Exclusion Program which excludes anyone from betting. PointsBet Ohio also lets you keep track of your transactions, allows you to set pre-commitment limits, and offers a cool-off or self-exclusion option. You can also block advertisements on social media, via GAMBAN. 

Finally, PointsBet enables all users to make informed decisions and provides accurate information on odds, bet types, dividends and payouts.

Our Final Thoughts for the PointsBet Ohio App and Site

PointsBet Ohio might not necessarily be the first operator that a bettor thinks of; however, its an attractive sportsbook with a number of exciting features. We really like the Lightning Bets feature as well as the Partial Cash Out feature. These are two great options that you won’t find at other sites. 

The odds vary by market, but are typically similar to other books. We enjoyed the live streaming on select games, and when that was not an option, the animations were particularly useful.

The site and app is very easy to navigate, logical and runs very smoothly on several device types. Where PointsBet Ohio lacks is in the customer support and withdrawal options. There is no phone number; however, the live chat makes up for this. Withdrawal options are limited, but do cover the more popular options. Try Pointsbet Ohio out for yourself by signing up for an account today. 


PointsBet Ohio Sportsbook FAQ


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