Ohio Among States With Most Interest In 2023 Kentucky Derby

Ohio Among States With Most Interest In 2023 Kentucky Derby
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The onset of May is a time when people start to look forward to one of the great betting events of the season — the Kentucky Derby.

A Grade 1 stakes race for 3-year-old Thoroughbred horses held annually at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, it’s the longest, continuously held sporting event in the United States, extensively viewed and attended (a crowd of 155,000 will come out), one of the most prestigious horse races in the world. Twenty horses compete in the event — a larger field than most. The race distance is 1¼ miles long, and the winning purse is $3 million. 

The Kentucky Derby is the first event of horse racing’s Triple Crown (along with the Preakness and Belmont Stakes) and is referred to as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” 

There is an immense tradition behind the event, a rich history, going back to 1875, when the first race was held.

The Kentucky Derby has actually grown into a significant cultural event, where people from all over the world come together to watch the race and take part in festivities.

Ohio Among Top States With Interest

With the Kentucky Derby right around the corner (May 6), BetOhio utilized Google Trends to look at the highest search volume of the term “Kentucky Derby” in the United States over the past 90 days. After gathering data April 19, we determined the states with the most interest in the upcoming event, as in the level of interest in that search item compared to other topics.

Not a surprise, Kentucky was No. 1, with a score of 100, followed by Indiana at 37, then Kansas and Ohio tied for No. 3, with 29, Wisconsin and Wyoming tied for No. 5, at 27, West Virginia at No. 7, at 25, Minnesota and Connecticut tied for No. 8 (24), and Pennsylvania, Missouri and Michigan all tied for No. 10 (23).

Why such interest in the Buckeye State? Possibly because it's the first Kentucky Derby for Ohio sports betting. So while many state residents have surely caught the race in years prior, this year they have an opportunity to get in on the action. 

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States With Most Interest in 2023 Kentucky Derby

RankState Level of Interest in Search Terms
T3 Kansas29
T3 Ohio 29
T5 Wisconsin 27
T5 Wyoming 27
7 West Virginia 25
T8 Minnesota 24
T8 Connecticut 24
T10 Pennsylvania23

History In The Making

Winning the Triple Crown is one of the most challenging accomplishments in all of sports, and the Kentucky Derby is the first step in that, a big reason for its popularity. And don’t underestimate the fashion — many of the people that come out to Churchill Downs will dress up, including wearing fancy hats, making it a great place for people-watching. 

Then of course there is the betting — millions of dollars are wagered on the race every year, making it one of the year’s key events for those who like to gamble.

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