Top 10 Cities with the Most Ghost Sightings in Ohio

Top 10 Cities with the Most Ghost Sightings in Ohio
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Which cities have the most ghost sightings in Ohio? 

Halloween is right around the corner with the calendar already flipped to October. No, you won't be able to place a bet, using a BetMGM bonus code Ohio, on this topic, but it makes for a great conversation starter and sets the mood for Halloween. 

So which Ohio towns are the most likely for you to get a good scare by encountering a ghost on All Hallows’ Eve, or any other time?

Methodology: used data from to count the number of reported ghost sightings statewide in Ohio. After determining the number of sightings per city, we developed the chance and odds for ghost sightings in each of the top 10 cities in the state for ghost sightings.

Top 10 Ohio Cities for Ghost Sightings Reported

1👻 Springfield692.39%+4084
2👻 Hamilton391.35%+7307
3👻 Youngstown311.08%+9159
4👻 Dayton280.97%+10209
T5👻 Piqua250.87%+11394
T5👻 Waynesville250.87%+11394
T7👻 Sidney240.83%+11948
T7👻 Fairborn240.83%+11948
T9👻 Troy230.80%+12400
T9👻 Middletown230.80%+12400

Southwest Ohio A Hotbed For Apparition Appearances

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As expected, your odds of a ghost encounter on a given day in Ohio is very slim, though your best bet would be to try southwest Ohio. 

Six of the top-10 cities in Ohio in ghost sightings are in that part of the state: Springfield (No. 1), Hamilton (No. 2), Dayton (No. 4), Waynesville (T-5), Fairborn (T-7) and Middletown (T-9). 

The Greater Dayton era seems to be a hot spot, too. Dayton is on the list, and there are four other cities within 30 miles of Dayton that rank in the top-10 in ghost sightings. 

Eastern Ohio claimed a trio of spots on the list, as well, with Piqua, Sidney and Troy. Youngstown, which is less than 50 miles east of Akron and about an hour west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the northern-most Ohio city among the tops in ghost encounters.

Lucasville, about 100 miles from both Dayton and Cincinnati, had two of the most recent ghost sightings, according to

Ohio Ranks As No. 3 State in Ghost Sightings

In a 2020 report by Forbes, Ohio was the No. 3 most-haunted state in the nation – if only Ohio sports betting apps could offer these odds once statewide wagering begins.

Forbes noted Waynesville, tied for fifth in most ghost sightings in the state, as a place to visit for haunted thrill seekers, saying: “Flicking candles, flying objects, scary screams – Waynesville has been called the most haunted town in Ohio. Check it out with The Museum at the Friends Home, which runs Ghostly History Walking Tours.”

Springfield, ranked the No. 1 city in Ohio for ghost sightings, had a book written about the town’s ghost encounters by Shelby Hammond titled, “Springfield’s Haunted Ohio and near Ohio Hauntings.”

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