Odds Boosts in Ohio - Best Ohio Boosted Odd Promotions

By Noah Strang

When sports gambling becomes legal in the state of Ohio, tons of new sports fans are going to start placing their first wagers. Sports gambling has become a huge craze across the nation and the same can be expected in the state of Ohio.

With this huge pool of new players available, legal sports betting sites in Ohio are going to be fighting each other for your business.

One way that they try to attract players to their betting websites is through a promotion type known as odds boosts. This is when changing the odds on a selection to swing the odds in favor of the player.

If you're someone that's going to be gambling in Ohio, you need to be able to take advantage of these Ohio odds boosts opportunities. Keep reading to learn how boosted odds work and how you can take advantage of the wagering opportunities available.

Find Daily Ohio Odds Boosts from OH Betting Sites

If you're looking for sports gambling sites that will offer lots of odds boosts in Ohio, then you're in the right place. We've compiled all the legal betting websites and ranked them based on the frequency and variety of odds boosts they offer.

This makes it so you don't need to spend your valuable time trying to find odds boosts Ohio across the web.

  1. FanDuel Sportsbook Ohio

    Right after DraftKings is FanDuel, another company that started as a daily fantasy sports company. FanDuel is popular with gamblers and that's for a good reason as they offer lots of promotions, including plenty of odds boosts.

  2. DraftKings Sportsbook Ohio

    DraftKings Ohio is next up for best sports gambling operator for boosted odds. Giving gamblers longer odds than the true odds is something that always results in positive expected value for the player. DraftKings doesn't offer the most odds boosts in Ohio, but they do offer enough to be third on our list.

  3. BetMGM Sportsbook Ohio

    The best betting platform in Ohio in terms of odds boosts is BetMGM. BetMGM offers them very frequently across a variety of different sports and betting types. There are no other online betting operators that can match BetMGM in terms of Ohio boosted odds.

  4. Caesars Sportsbook Ohio

    Next on the list is Caesars Sportsbook, one of the best wagering platforms for boosted odds in Ohio. While they fall just short of the top spot, they still offer plenty of special odds that help gamblers turn a profit.

  5. Hard Rock Sportsbook Ohio

    Hard Rock is a massive brand with different entertainment venues around the world, including a bunch of casinos. They have a quality odds boost offering that gamblers can take advantage of, but not often enough for them to be higher on this list.

  6. Barstool Sportsbook Ohio

    Barstool is a massive brand and they've now moved into the sports gambling space, providing an option for the huge legion of fans. It's a solid option in terms of odds boosts as they routinely up the odds on a bunch of selections.

What is an Odds Boost in Ohio Sports Betting?

In Ohio, all of the betting sites will offer odds boosts regularly. This happens when the betting operators choose a game and shift the odds in the direction of the gambler. This removes the house edge and often moves the odds to where the gambler has an advantage.

There's a slight catch, however. When these odds boosts have been boosted, there's often a limit on how much you can stake. This is because the betting site is giving the gambler a chance to have stronger than standard odds and the house wants to limit liability.

How Do Ohio Odds Boosts Work?

Every wager has a built-in house edge, known as the vig or vigorish, that tilts the scale in favor of the sportsbook. This house edge is included in the betting line of every bet. However, occasionally sportsbooks will advertise an odds boost, where they shift the odds towards the gamblers.

This usually eliminates the house edge and makes it a wager that is very worthwhile for everyone to bet on. It's a type of promotion, just like a free bet or risk-free bet, that sportsbooks advertise to attract customers.

Different Types of Odds Boosts Per League

Odds boosts in Ohio can be offered on bets across a variety of different leagues. Sportsbooks will always choose specific bets, but they will rotate across the different sports and leagues. Here are some of the most popular sports that sportsbooks like to offer boosted odds on.


The NFL is the largest betting market in North America and sportsbook operators know that, so they are quick to offer promotions on the sport. This attracts all the gamblers that were going to bet on the NFL anyways as their eyes get wide when they see boosted odds.

For example, say that the Cincinnati Bengals are playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the normal odds are -110 on each side for the moneyline. Because a sportsbook knows that there are lots of Bengals fans in Ohio, they might boost the odds of the Bengals moneyline.

The new line might look something like this:

  • Cincinnati Bengals boosted moneyline (+150)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers moneyline (-110)


The NBA is another popular sport for gamblers and the Cleveland Cavaliers are located right in Ohio. They've been one of the league's more successful franchises over the past decade.

If they were facing off against the New York Knicks, the sportsbooks could boost a different bet. For example, let's say they wanted to boost the total three-pointers made by the Cavaliers as a team. If the original odds for this bet was -110 on either side, an odds boost could look like this:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers Over 15.5 Three-pointers made boosted (+180)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers Under 15.5 Three-pointers made (-110)


For those that enjoy gambling on America's pastime, the MLB offers plenty of different wagering opportunities. There are so many games every year that sportsbooks offering odds boosts is commonplace.

Let's say that the Cleveland Indians are playing the Los Angeles Angels, and Mike Trout is +300 to hit a home run. If they boost his odds, it might look something like this:

  • Mike Trout Over 0.5 Home Runs Boosted (+500)


Hockey is the last of the big four North American sports leagues and gamblers can often find odds boosts on their bet slip. The sportsbooks will usually pick a bet from a certain game to boost, but they can also make new boosts.

For example, a sportsbook might offer a bet like Columbus Blue Jackets to win and score at least 4 goals, boosted to odds of +600. These are different bets that bettors love to play at all the different legal sportsbooks.

Other Ohio Odds Boost Options

While the four sports mentioned above are the most popular for odds boost, some other sports and leagues will have this same type of promotion. Bettors can expect to see an odds boost on other sports on their gambling site.

As an example, sometimes sportsbooks will offer this promotion on other sports like soccer or even on different bet types such as a parlay or futures bet.

Odds Boosts and Prop Bets

Odds boosts and prop bets go hand in hand as prop bets are one of the most popular bet types for sportsbooks to choose when they release their promotion. One of the reasons that this happens is because prop bets often have slightly more vig associated, and thus the sportsbook is giving up less value.

One prop bet that sportsbooks might choose to apply an odds boost to is an individual player prop, for example, how many assists LeBron James will have in a specific game. This type of prop bet is very common because of the fact it's a smaller gambling market where they already have more vig, as opposed to something like the point spread.

Know More About Upgraded Odds for Ohio Sports Betting

Hopefully, this guide helped you get a better understanding of upgraded odds in Ohio. While sportsbooks don't quite hand out daily odds boosts, it is one of the more common promotion types and one that gamblers should always try to take advantage of.

The value offered by these bets with better odds is immense, though it still does take a little research to make sure that the bet chosen by the sportsbook is worth it. While you shouldn't bet these blindly, they are most often a great chance for gamblers to add to their winnings.

Ohio Odds Boosts FAQ


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