Hard Rock is Offering Ohio Sports Gambling Bonus to Those Who Download App Early

Hard Rock is Offering Ohio Sports Gambling Bonus to Those Who Download App Early
Fact Checked by Thomas Leary

Hard Rock Sportsbook hasn’t yet applied for an Ohio sports betting license, according to the latest update on the Ohio Casino Control Commission website.

But that hasn’t stopped the online sportsbook operator from tweeting out a $500 betting bonus to Ohioans who download its app.

It’s sort of like picking out your freshman year classes at Ohio State, before you actually get admitted.

A Hard Rock Sportsbook (@HardRockSB) tweet said:

More Details of the Hard Rock Offer

Further details are at hardrocksportsbook.com.  The 5 steps to sign up are:

1. Be in the state of Ohio;
2. Download the Hard Rock Sportsbook App; 
3. Register your account;
4. Place cash wager(s) greater than $100+ in first 14 days after launch; 
5. Collect your bonus bet in the app.

Sign up before Aug. 1 to get the full $500 bonus bet. 

Every month after that through Dec. 1, the bonus drops $100, and if you sign up before Jan. 1, you only get $50.

Many Operators Offer Pre-Launch Bonuses

It’s a good marketing move by Hard Rock because it works to get people signed up early so they see that app whenever they look at their phones. Many Ohio sportsbook app operators offer sign-up bonuses before markets actually launch to increase their base of sports bettors on Ohio sports betting apps.

And savvy sports bettors can take advantage of as many Ohio sports betting promo codes as possible. 

The universal launch date for sports betting in Ohio is Jan. 1, 2023, so the Hard Rock’s hope is that when Ohio bettors are desperate to wager for or against the Cleveland Browns on New Year’s Day, that Hard Rock app bonus will be gnawing away at their brain and their wallet. 

Now Hard Rock, and its Cincinnati-based brick-and-mortar casino, just have to apply to the Ohio Casino Control Commission for licenses and get approved. But like every good gambler, they’re confident.

Who Has Applied for Ohio Licenses?

Based on what was posted on the OCCC website, BetMGM Ohio was among the first operators to apply for Mobile Management Service Provider licenses around June 21. 

PointsBet Ohio was also among the first crop of operators to apply.

The window for applying for Type A, Type B and management services provider license opened June 15 and runs until July 15.

A week later, DraftKings Ohio and the JACK casino and racino properties applied for licenses — DraftKings for a mobile management services license and JACK for Type A.

The Ohio Lottery Commission has already pre-qualified more than 500 establishments for Type C licenses. Those facilities are licensed sales agents and also hold a valid D1, D2, or D5 liquor permit. 

With a market that could approach 60 sports betting operators, expect more additions to the OCCC application website.



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