Survey: Sports Betting Preferences Among Ohioans

Survey: Sports Betting Preferences Among Ohioans
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As the regulated sports betting industry heats up around the country, one of the next major markets to emerge is Ohio. 

In May of 2021, Senate Bill 176 was introduced to legalize sports gambling in Ohio with a potential launch date of Jan. 1, 2023. While the deadline might have appeared daunting at times, Ohio has stayed with Jan. 1. In fact, some casinos were announcing plans for ceremonial first bets to be made just after the stroke of midnight weeks before New Year's Day..

The launch of Ohio sports betting sites was anticipated to be  like none other that preceded it in America.  In addition to casinos raising the curtain on traditional in-person sportsbooks, mobile sports betting - with its tempting promotions and bonuses – promised to provide an ultra-convenient way for fans to get in on the action. 

 Plus, hundreds of small retail establishments will have kiosk-style sports betting available.

 It won't be long now until we see PointsBet Ohio promo codes and those from other sportsbooks. used a survey to see what potential bettors prefer in wagering.

How Many Ohioans Are Betting?

While Ohio sports betting promo codes have not launched, the survey shows that 9% of Ohioans are finding ways to wager on their favorite sports and teams. This number is set to increase to 15% once sports betting is legal in Ohio. The survey also shows that 66% of Ohioans are unlikely to bet on sports once it’s legalized in Ohio. 

How Often Will Ohioans Bet?

Of the Ohio adults surveyed, more than 50% of Ohio sports bettors are expected to bet on sports weekly. The survey also showed us that nearly one in five Ohio sports bettors expects to bet on sports monthly. 

Sports Betting Brand Preference

We’re not entirely sure of the full landscape of betting, but with Daily Fantasy Sports already available in the state, it’s not a surprise that DraftKings Ohio and FanDuel are the two top preferred brands. Survey participants were left to select up to four sportsbooks and over 80% of Ohioans preferred those two operators above the rest. 

Event Betting Preference

Each state in the United States is responsible for its own legislation and deciding individual rules for its markets. This means each state can have its own restrictions on betting and different offerings on events. Nearly one in three Ohio Bettors would bet on U.S. Elections. 51% of Ohio Bettors would bet on award shows or reality TV show competitions. 

Survey Details commissioned YouGov Plc to conduct this survey. All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size is 1,114 Ohio adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between February 3 – February 16, 2022. The survey was carried out online and the figures have been weighted and are representative of all Ohio adults aged 18 and over. A sports bettor is defined as someone who selected “Yes, I do” when asked if they currently bet on sports. A sports fan is defined as a respondent to select at least “I am a little bit interested in sports” in a four-point scaled level of interest in sports question. An avid sports fan is defined as a respondent to select “This is one of my TOP interests” in a four-point scaled level of interest in sports question OR Those to select top box in a four-point scaled level of interest in sports question.

Look to for news as the state prepares to launch.

Bill Ordine contributed to this report.




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